Pool Design & Construction

Specialty Pools and Spas builds custom-designed, professionally constructed gunite swimming pools, specializing in difficult pool site locations. The beauty of gunite is that it can be formed and shaped to fit the customer's requests and requirements while blending with the existing surroundings and landscaping.

PLANS - The pool plans are designed by a professional pool designer skilled in determining the customer's requirements and blending the pool with the decor of the home and property.

PERMITS - Specialty Pool And Spa researches the county and city ordinances, property setbacks and building code requirements and obtains the necessary permits prior to starting any construction.

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EXCAVATION - The excavation of all pools is performed by trained Specialty Pool And Spa crews using the most modern excavation equipment. On occasion, the excavation is performed by the owner who takes pride in the quality in all work performed by the company.

PLUMBING - The plumbing is installed by professionals experienced in the plumbing of custom gunite swimming pools. The standard 40 PVC utilized, meets or exceeds the building code requirements for pool construction.

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SKIMMER(S) and MAIN DRAIN - The skimmer(s) are installed at the waterline and the main drain is installed in the deep end of the pool.  All pumps and filters used are top quality equipment with maximum efficiency that will assure years of effective service and utilize a minimal amount of maintenance leaving more time for enjoying the pool and spa.

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