Standard Equipment

Specialty Pools and Spas utilizes nothing but the industry's best equipment.

All pumps and filters used are top quality equipment with maximum efficiency that will assure years of effective service and utilize a minimal amount of maintenance leaving more time for enjoying the pool and spa. The total pool environment is controlled by by a sophisticated digital control system and key panel.

Pac-Fab Whisperflow - High flow pumps provides excellent performance across a wide range of flow rates, with maximum efficiency and minimum operating expense, and as the name implies, it is the quitest pump available.

PurexTriton's Nautilus Plus NSP - Features a corrosion-resistant fiberglass tank with unique grid design providing the most efficient filtration available.

Control Systems
AquaLink RS by Jandy - With an AquaLink RS Control System, a single push of a button is all it takes to turn on the spa, adjust the temperature of the water, turn on pool, spa and yard lights, and even control special effects like waterfalls, fountains and fiber optic lighting.
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The heating and cleaning systems are, again, the best in the industry. Whether heating the spa or heating the pool, all heaters utilized will meet or exceed standard requirements for minimal heating times, high level of efficiency and low maintenance of equipment . The cleaning system is an automatic pool vac that works around the clock making sure that the pool is always sparkling clear.

Teledyne Laars Pool and Spa Heaters - These heaters, with the patented EconoTherm heat exchanger and UniTherm Plus systems, last longer and deliver more heat to the pool or spa water, per unit of fuel, than any other heater on the market.
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Polaris Vac-Sweep - The Vac-Sweep runs off its own booster pump, and works independently from the rest of the pool systems allowing the vac system to always operate at 100% efficiency, no matter how dirty or clogged the rest of the system becomes.

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